Thursday, August 22, 2013

CONFESSION: Jarred made me do it.

Jarred. Fitness, health, and life enthusiast. Eats the same meals at the SAME time ... every day.                           Talk about DISCIPLINE!

The morning before I started this new healthy life style adventure (yes, I'm aware its only been 2 days) I ordered myself some breakfast from the office cafe. 
3 buttermilk pancakes, heavy on the butter and syrup, with sliced bananas on top

JARRED saw me and immediately commented that my breakfast was his total carb intake for the week . . . . Yes, that DID make me feel like a fatass.

Now you can see why I BLAME JARRED for my new crazed need to be healthy and my aching body. 

Day 2:

I added some Butt/Glute/Whatever workouts to my routine. This link has 17 different glute exorcizes - I've decided to pick 3 per workout.  

Oh ... and here's a FAB picture of me posing for who knows what when I should have been working out - you're welcome!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What a DRAG: Eating Clean and Working Out

My new job requires a lot of sitting. One might not realize how much sitting changes the way your body looks ... until it happens to YOU.

One month in and I started to feel ... DRUDGY. Gross. Heavy. Just Blah. I wasn't eating well because of the amount of work - I'm talking 3 times at In N Out one of the weeks (gasp!) - missing meals, and not working out. The stress level also added some extra ickiness to my overall health feelings.

But ALAS! I have vowed to change my nasty ways

I am going to start "Eating-Clean" - or eating unprocessed, natural foods. I'm still learning what it all means (does it mean I have to stop eating In N Out?!), but lets learn together shall we?

I've also decided to do 3 types of workouts everyday. Don't worry - they only last about 30min total. Working out for longer than 30min? Ain't NOBODY got time for that!

Here are photos before my very first work out:

Now ... I know what some of you may be thinking: This chick is NUTS.

Her body looks fine!! (At least thats what my mother keep saying) But it's NOT about how it looks, although my ass is definitely NOT defying gravity anymore, it's about how I FEEL on the inside. I don't FEEL healthy, and that my friends is not okay. SO let's get this skinny fat under control, healthy, and TONED! 

Who's with me???

The workout I'll be doing every day:

Because we all want to look like and BE a VS Angel ... Please don't even try to go all feminist on me with this one. (Targets my no-longer-defying-gravity-BUTT)

Because we want kick-ass, year round, summer time abs!

Because, yes, we should workout our arms so we don't make ourselves a pair of wings ...

WARNING: If you have an adorable Frenchie nearby, HE WILL try to eat your hair while you perform these workouts!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Behind the Scenes ...

Fashion shoot in Pasadena, CA. Lots of edgy looks in the editorial. Can't wait for it to come out!

Model: Lauren Calaway

Photographer: Jon Santana, Assistant Chelsey Corgan

Stylist: SalStylesU, Randi Slusher

Makeup: Ashley Gomila

Hair: Rochelle Randall